The office team...

Here you will find our names, professions and direct e-mails.  And the location map

Anita Nordstjerne

Customer service and sales

Anita has an overview and takes care of the daily expedition with which she has good experience.

She is passionate about giving all our customers a really good experience through her way of servicing them.                                                           


Stefan Lund

Sales-&Marketing Manager

Stefan takes care of the long term sales .  Stefan is the one who sits in the helicopter and has the big picture of actions and ect.    

Sales, innovation and visibility in all markets are Stefan’s big tasks. He is attending most sales-exhibitions around different countries.   

 Stefan is also one of the owners of the nursery.              

Thorsten Lund

Production Manager

Thorsten is the “GARDENER” of Hawaii.

All production tasks go through Thorsten, together with our skilled staff in the nursery he makes sure that the others can keep what they promise. There is always new on the way and production is in safe hands at Thorsten.     

Thorsten is also one of the owners of the nursery

Jonas Bording


Jonas is ready for a fresh day-2-day offer. It is Jonas who is in charge of drawing attention to our weekly products in focus on mail and WhatsApp. 

Jonas is ready to give a call and have a chat if there is a customer who is missing something.  Jonas is a sales trainee and part of the Hawaii Team.

Administration I


whatsapp, phone, icon-1844471.jpg

Mail administration regarding billing/payment.                                  

Administration II


whatsapp, phone, icon-1844471.jpg

Mail administration regarding  other requrierment.

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